Notice for DNS Service Commercialization

Dear members,

Since 2004, DNSEver has provided free DNS service but will commercialize its DNS service from October 1, 2014, for more stable service and improved functions.

* About service commercialization

The Internet environment has changed much from 10 years ago when it started providing free DNS service.

Web sites are increasingly exposed to more serious cyber attacks.
Ten years ago, our Web-based DNS management function was convenient, but our users now require more stable and safer DNS service as well as functions that are specialized for Cloud development environment.

Many of our users demand a more stable service, so we are trying to provide a more reliable DNS service with the commercialization to meet their requirements.
Paid service will be helpful in improving the service quality and functions even for individuals and developers.
We will expand our servers and network and try to offer new and convenient functions with more development efforts and creativity.

* Service change and pricing policy

The DNS service subscription before September 3, 2014, is changed to Cloud DNS.
Cloud DNS is free until September 30, 2014, and will be charged as follows.

Hosted zone price
Zones: 1~ 25 : $0.50 per hosted zone / month
Zones: over 25 : $0.10 per hosted zone / month

Query price :
Queries 0-1 billion :  $0.40 per million queries / month
Queries  over 1 billion :  $0.20 per million queries / month

DNS service charge is on a monthly basis, combining hosted zone price and query price.
Cloud DNS service has a monthly deferred payment system so the first bill will be issued on November 1, 2014, for the service used since October 1, 2014.

Credit can be purchased to pay the bill (1 Credit = USD 1).
Purchased Credit is automatically paid for the bills so you do not have to make the monthly payment by yourself.
* Enterprise DNS
To meet the business user demand for premium service, the Enterprise DNS service has been created.

Enterprise DNS distribute DNS servers and add high-performance server resources while extending the available network bandwidth for a quicker DNS response.
DDoS defense is optional for DNS servers to protect against increasing cyber attacks and compromise.
Cloud DNS service is recommended for those who want to sustain their current DNS service subscription with reasonable price, while Enterprise DNS service is good for those who want an improved enterprise-level service.
For more details of Cloud DNS and Enterprise DNS service pricing, refer to “Products and Pricing”.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation for this commercialization.

We will do our best efforts to provide you with a better DNS service by improving its quality and functions.

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2 Responses to Notice for DNS Service Commercialization

  1. Hey,

    I have a couple of redirects ( and that are now hosted on the Cloud DNS service. I’m not sure I understand the pricing correctly. I presume I have one zone ($0.50/month), but how can we tell how many queries our DNS entry gets? Am I right to assume that for a relatively unknown site, it would be < 1 million, therefore the average cost for me per month on Cloud DNS would be about $0.90? I just bought $30 in credit, and I'd like to know how long it's going to last :D

    Some estimates of what well-known, average and lesser-known sites could expect to pay under Cloud DNS would be helpful.

    • Benjamin Penney says:

      Well, I got no reply here, but my first bill came in at $0.50. I only paid the base price for one domain. I received 3686 queries at no charge. Hope this helps someone out there.

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